Beer consumption: the incredible bill seen in a Lille bar

Maxime H. - mercredi 22 juin 2016 21 Likes

This time the fans have really crossed the line and it's actually funny. In a Lille bar, a group of fans consumed a record number of beers.

Lille gathered in a bar, a group of fans - whose nationality was kept secret- that consumed an absolutely crazy amount of beers. Northerner brewers must be very happy about this. Apparently 351 beers were consumed in total on the night of Thursday June 16th !

"It's simple, the bar has been here for five years and we have never seen anything like this before. In two days we finished sixty barrels of 50 liters (3000 liters of beer in total). It was extremely fast, our pumps were no longer working. We were not expecting this'' said the employee of a bar near Lille Flandres' railroad station to our colleagues at 20 Minutes.

Same speech in a nearby bar: "It's crazy! We brew our own beers and have big tanks of 700 liters. Usually a tank empties in three or four days whereas it just took two hours this time. And in five hours, we sold the equivalent of two days. It's pretty impressive."

And they have seen nothing yet: Irish fans arrive on Wednesday in the Flanders capital !

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