Buffon's big surprise to a fan

OMG Staff - mercredi 25 mai 2016 513 Likes

Juventus Turin and Squadra Azzura's living legend, Gianluigi Buffon paid a big tribute to a fan.

Like wine, Gianluigi Buffon seems to get better with time. Over the years, the Italian goalkeeper surprised soccer fans with both his perfermance level but also with his amazing loyalty. In addition to irritating any striker that messes with him, the God of Turin also has the capacity of delighting his fans.

In a video posted on UEFA Champions League's Facebook account, you can see the crazy story of Buffon's fan. The member of Team Buffon did not hesitate to tattoo the face of his idol on the back of his legs. But as soccer always manages to surprise us, you will not believe what Gigi did in return. Not only did he visit his biggest fan but he also got a tattoo of the face of his fan on his arm. No big deal.

A beautiful video that reminds us that the passion for soccer is both beautiful and crazy.

Gigi, is really one classy man!



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