Cristiano Ronaldo in top 5 highest-paid celebrities in the world - Forbes

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Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo is of the wealthiest celebrities on the planet. Euro 2016 champion currently rakes in $88 million in salary and sponsorship income.

The Portugal superstar belongs to the top five highest-paid celebrities in the world according to Forbes’ Celebrity 100. Actually, Ronaldo is the joint-fourth highest paid personalty in the world, level with American TV star Dr. Phil McGraw.

The new figures published by Forbes reveal that Cristiano Ronaldo earns a total of $88 million in salary and sponsorship income ($55m in wages, the rest from lucrative sponsorship deals with Nike [see below], Tag Heuer, Sacoor Brothers suits, and so on).

Argentina forward Lionel Messi rakes in $81.5 million. He is the second highest-paid soccer player in the world and the eight wealthiest celebrity in the world. LeBron James, the third richest sports personalty, earns $77 million.

Musician Taylor Swift dominates this list, with a total income of $170 million, according to Forbes’ figures.


1. Taylor Swift
2. One Direction
3. James Patterson
4. Dr. Phil McGraw
4. Cristiano Ronaldo
6. Kevin Hart
7. Howard Stern
8. Lionel Messi
9. Adele
10. Rush Limbaugh
11. LeBron James
12. Madonna

13. Ellen DeGeneres
13. Rihanna
15. Garth Brooks
16. Roger Federer
17. AC/DC
18. Rolling Stones
19. Dwayne Johnson
20. David Copperfield

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