England's training interrupted by an unlikely event

OMG Staff - mardi 24 mai 2016 919 Likes

We are aware of the humour of Rémi Gaillard but he still managed to surprise us once again. The young man infiltrated the first training of the Three Lions incognito mode before getting busted.

England's players are not ready to forget their first training before Euro! The Guardian tells the most ludicrous story ever this thursday. This Wednesday, while Kane and company (not Kompany, he is Belgian) were taking a little break in the middle of their training, a young man joined the land of St George's Park to hit the ball with his idols.

The young man who had been invited to watch the training session as a VIP had on the whole training outfit of the Three Lions. Result? He managed to make several round fields with the Stars. He even managed to get two or three shots in St George.

"His presence did not bother the players. Actually, they did not even notice it. He managed to pass security easily as he was with the training outfit" as we can see in the Guardian.

Well at least now we know how to send Gameiro to the Euros!2

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