Incredibly violent scenes in Brazil

OMG Staff - mercredi 18 mai 2016 673 Likes

In Brazil, a scene of rare violence took place after the Alagaono championship final.

Soccer is beautiful and spectacular, but unfortunately it is also, maybe too often, violent. It can easily turn into a nightmare and the Alagaono championship final in Brazil can illustrate it.

After a highly important game for the conquest of the title between teams of CRB and CSA, supporters of both camps exploded under pressure leading to things to fist fights. A true chaotic scene results from this marked by the invasion of the field. Beaten by ten individuals, a man was lying alone on the ground, before doctors of the CRB team came running.

"He's in very critical condition," said the Doctor of the club to the newspaper Lance, as reported by the Brazilian website Terra. "He came out of the field almost dead, full of bruises and fractures" he also added. A tragic event that clearly brings back the day the debate about safety in sport arenas.

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