WOW! Martial's brother answers to his brother's ex!

Maxime H. - vendredi 29 juillet 2016 70 Likes

Anthony Martial is definitely not the type to let anybody mess with his brother!

After being violently insulted by his ex-girlfriend on Snapchat, the French striker could count on his brother Johan, Troyes' professional player in Ligue 2, to clap back.

The Samantha crisis on social media has obviously created crazy buzz. Manchester United's striker is currently busy training with his team and does not have time to answer to his ex. That's why his 25 year old brother decided to speak for him on his Instagram account.

Here is Anthony Martial's message to his brother's ex :

Samantha, I can understand that you have trouble accepting you're not in a relationship with my brother anymore but I can't stand all the lies you're saying about him giving him and us a bad image.

1) You were not married to Anthony.

2) You didn't meet Anthony when he was broke, you met him when he was playing with Monaco and was earning a very very good living.

3) Anthony gives you $3,909 every month so that you can take care of Peyton since you broke up, which is way more than any judge would have decided. So you're lying when you're saying that you can't buy your daughter a chair.

4) Anthony loves his daughter and would like to see her everyday. He suddenly became a bad daddy since he broke up with you, but you didn't seem to be thinking that 3 months ago.

5) Using the little kid's image on social media everyday is really disgusting of you. Why didn't you expose her when you were still with my brother?

Anthony doesn’t want to talk about this in social media but I can’t stand watching you lie all the time.

You’re trying to be the victim in this situation and we all know that all you want is ‘’money’’ and ‘’give a bad image to Anthony’’, millions of couples break up nowadays and don’t even give to their partners $3,900 especially considering the fact that you were not married, not living together, so I’m sorry I had to set the facts straight and I really hope that you will come to your senses for Peyton.

I can understand if you’re sad and suffering from the break up and if you want to humiliate yourself on social media that’s your problem but I have to tell the truth.

Anthony will always be there for his daughter and his family.


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