Marquinhos' clan threatens PSG

Maxime H. - jeudi 07 juillet 2016 50 Likes

Marquinhos' plan of participating in Rio Olympic Games this summer failed as PSG leaders refused to let him do so. However, the clan of the Brazilian isn't gonna let this issue slide without contesting and even threatening the Parisian club.

If Marquinhos got married to beautiful Carol Cabrino last week (respect, man), he is currently divorcing with Paris Saint-Germain. He is deeply annoyed at the fact that the club didn't agree to let him join and participate in the Brazil Rio Olympics (August 3rd to the 20th). The defender managed however to step back and not put oil on the fire: "There are many rumors about this story, I've tried to stay away from it but it caught up with me, it's inevitable. I've been working for twelve years to live this adventure with my teammates. I can honestly tell you that I want to be there for myself, my family, my friends'' he confessed to the daily L'Equipe.

However, the brother of the player decided to pressure to leaders of the club. "PSG doesn't want to hear us out, but we've been very clear: Marquinhos will be playing in the Olympic games. Until now, we've been very polite but we won't be anymore if we want to avoid problems. Our patience has limits. We love PSG and the fans, but they also need to show us some respect or he will have to leave PSG" admited Luan, the one that manages the interests of his brother.

While a meeting between Olivier Letang and Marquinhos' entourage is scheduled next Monday in Austria, "Marqui" may decide to go elsewhere. And he has plenty of choice: Barca, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal are eating popcorn, enjoying the show while hoping and waiting patiently for a definite divorce...

Ok, let's talk about happy news, like the wedding of Marqui and Carol (well, Marqui does burst into tears by seeing his future wife... ):

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