Messi will not appear on the cover of FIFA 17!

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Messi will not appear on the cover of FIFA 17!

Bad news for the geek community: Lionel Messi will not be the FIFA ambassador for the upcoming years... perhaps replaced by CR7?

For FIFA game fans, it has become normal to see Lionel Messi dancing on the cover of the game in company of a "secondary" player (you know, the one in the background that no one really cares about), often adapted to the country where the game is being marketed. In France, for example, we had Karim Benzema or Toto Griezmann for this year to illustrate the cover with the star of Barca.


But all good things must come to an end as they say. Apparently, the face of FIFA since 2013 will not be part of the next edition leaving the Catalan fans very disappointed. The contract between the Argentinean and EA Sports has come to an end with the release of FIFA 16 in September.

But let’s keep having hope, the only way we will see Leo’s pretty face on FIFA 17 is if they include him as a secondary player, for example in the markets of Argentine. Sorry fans, but you’ll have to take a trip to Argentina next year...

Behind the scenes, rumor has it that the chosen one to succeed Messi is none other than... Cristiano Ronaldo! The two rivals compete even on video games. In addition to this, James Rodriguez might also be in the game so Real Madrid really has some news to cheer about. Stay tuned…


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