Official: Manchester City's surprising new recruit

Maxime H. - mercredi 06 juillet 2016 57 Likes

City just did a very strange transfer by signing a historical and revolutionary recruit.

Manchester City is definitely going through a revolution this summer! While the strategist Pep Guardiola is preparing to take control of Mancunian's training, a surprising new recruit just landed in the club. Indeed, the Citizens just formalized the arrival of Kieran 'Kez' Brown, professional... FIFA player.

While eSports is booming, professional clubs are becoming more and more interested in this phenomenon. The Skyblues, through Brown, just to got into the world of video games. The lucky winner will have the task of representing the club through various tournaments and confrontations with fans.

"It’s exciting; it’s something new for the Club and it’s something new for me. I’m going to livestream on twitch, I’m going to be making videos for Manchester City’s YouTube channel and I’m going to be playing against some City fans and represent City in future tournaments, which I’m looking forward to. This is a very rare opportunity and I couldn’t turn it down.”

Diego Gigliani, The responsible of Media division and Innovation of Citizens explained the surprising recruitment : "As eSports continues to gain weight in the world, it makes sense for our Club to be part of the action and get closer to our fans, who love playing EA SPORTS FIFA with Manchester City. When we set out to find an eSports player, we decided we wanted someone who was a fantastic, young, talented but also with hungry and someone who desires to grow. We strongly believe we have found that in Kieran. He is full of potential. Not only is he a great player, but we also believe he will engage and interact brilliantly with our fans all around the world.

More than ever, EA Sports' game is clearly dominating the world of video games, to the point of settling within the professional clubs. The revolution is in progress.

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