OMG: Euro 2016 winners vs Copa America champions?

Maxime H. - lundi 27 juin 2016 4 Likes

This is the rumor that has been ciruculating in the other side of the Atlantic: there might be an epic game between the winner of Euro 2016 and the winner of Copa America Centenario.

The president of the Conmebol (South American Football Confederation) proposed to UEFA a challenge that could become a real clash of the titans. Alejandro Dominguez - the president - has challenged the European authorities to organize a game between the winners of Copa America and Euro 2016. It was Dominguez himself who announced this news during a press conference.

The idea would be to set up a continental clash of the titans that would result in a game worthy of a World Cup final. "We challenged UEFA to organize a game this year that opposed the two winners of Copa America and Euro Cup, said Alejandro Dominguez. We are waiting for an answer while they are studying our proposal. "

To have an idea about the potential teams that would be in the final poster of this intercontinental game, let's see the list of the aspirants to the throne. In the US - where is taking place the Copa America - Argentina and Chile will be playing Monday morning. In France, the knockout stages only start on Saturday but we see potential in Germany, Spain, Italy or even... France.

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