Paul Pogba's shocking statements about Manchester United — 2013

Maxime H. - lundi 08 août 2016 313 Likes

After long weeks of negotiations, Paul Pogba has finally signed with the Red Devils. The wait is now over for Manchester United fans who can finally welcome their new player.

Pogba finally chose to go back to England four years after leaving… With a lot of bitterness.

Paul Pogba, in a interview with La Repubblica’s Enrico Sisti, back in 2013, when asked about returning to Manchester United:

« I will never go back there, the club treated me with disrespect when I left last summer. I remember Sir Alex Ferguson rang me about three weeks after I’d left for Italy and just laughed down the phone for 25 minutes. What made it worse was that he got Paul Scholes, an idol of mine, to join in. Calling me names and laughing about how I wasn’t good enough to play for the club. That’s when I decided I would never return to Manchester, no amount of money in the world could ever make me go back. »

Former teammate Andrea Pirlo also believed United could forget about landing the Frenchman:

"For whatever reasons they chose not to give him a chance - and that is a mistake they will have to live with now," he said.

"I can’t see that he (Pogba) will ever return to Manchester United."

Rival Liverpool fans like that:

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