Manchester United Legend says Pogba is overrated

Maxime H. - lundi 25 juillet 2016 148 Likes

Paul Pogba will become world's most expensive player in soccer history after Juventus seals $131 million deal with Manchester United.

There's definitely a lot of debate around Paul Pogba's case: while some find it impressive, others think he is overpriced. At 23 years old, the French player has proved that he was indeed one of the best midfielders in the world, however the price of his future transfer is, indeed, worrying. Old Trafford's former top player Paul Scholes has expressed his opinion over the first MU offer:

"No, he is not worth £86 million ($110 million). With that much money, we expect a player capable of scoring 50 goals in a season, like Ronaldo or Messi. And Pogba is nothing like them" he said to the Guardian. Who would have imagined that the player whom he had worked with in the beginning would ultimately cost $131 million...

''He was a very talented young player, I played with him and I remember how good he was. But from what I understand, he is asking too much money for a player his age who has only played once or twice with the professionals" added the former player. So what do you think ?

For the nostalgic, here is a compilation of the talent of Paul Scholes under Manchester United's jersey:

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