Pogba's ridiculous clause

Maxime H. - mardi 19 juillet 2016 47 Likes

The Italian press dropped a bomb this tuesday. Mino Raiola, Paul Pogba's agent, inserted a clause in the contract of the player. A stroke of genius that could largely benefit both parties.

As we were explaining this morning, things are heating up between Manchester United and Paul Pogba. An agreement could still be reached quickly even if the Red Devils will not be competing in the next Champions League. And the French player could be receiving a huge check soon, thanks to the strategies of his agent, Mino Raiola.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the Italian-Dutch inserted a clause in the contract of Juve's player. If he ever gets transferred, Pogba will receive 20% of the transaction's amount. In other words, if Juve manages to sell Pogba for an amount of $137,77 million to the Red Devils, the French star would receive $27,5 million. And from that $27,5 million a percentage goes into the pocket of his agent of course. Which gives the Old Lady an opportunity to fill up his bank accout with $110,2 million.

According to the Italian press the negotiations are going really fast which makes a transfer very probable to the benefit of Paul Pogba and his agent. In a few days, it is likely that a new record will be attained in terms of transfer cost.

Pogba contributed to the brilliant success of the team of France against Germany even if he was not necessarily in best shape during Euro 2016. Let's all rewatch these beautiful moments :

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