Real creates a big controversy against Catalonia

OMG Staff - mercredi 18 mai 2016 1.5k Likes

After the victory of Real Madrid against FC Valencia, a controversy against Catalonia erupted in Spain.

Since Keylor Navas was injured, it was Kiko Casilla who was the goalkeeper of Real Madrid yesterday during the confrontation against Valencia (3-2) for the 37th day of Liga. If Kiko had the opportunity to save Real Madrid this Sunday, he did not have the opportunity to answer to mass media in Catalonia.

This controversy has been the hot topic in Spain since last night. Questioned by a journalist of TV3 in Catalan language, Casilla, born in Alcover, which is a Catalan town and whom also had spent some time in Barcelona, was forbidden to answer in his native language by the press officer of Real. An outrage to the Iberian community, who sees this gesture as an additional attack fueling the war between Real and Barca.

Some peoples see this action as insulting and the club cannot deny that it allows its foreign players to speak in their respective native languages. Gareth Bale for example has the right to answer in English, just like Zidane and Benzema have the rights to answer in French ... But obviously; this does not apply to players from Catalonia.

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