Real Madrid's former player snitches on Casillas and Raul

Maxime H. - jeudi 21 juillet 2016 115 Likes

A former Real Madrid player just made crazy revelations about the club's locker room, where "manipulation" takes place apparently.

What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room... or not. The former player of Real Madrid, Cicinho, doesn't really care and snitched on his career and his experience at the White House. After confessing about his alcoholic past, the Brazilian player spoke about the "manipulation" that existed in Madrid's locker room.

"When Roberto Carlos left the club, I was a first-team player. Sergio Ramos was playing in the center or right, and Michel Salgado was number three in the hierarchy of sides. But Iker Casillas left with him the armband later on so that he could play" blurted out AS Roma's former player during his interview with ESPN Brazil.

"Guti, Salgado, Helguera, Raul, Casillas ... they are the leaders of the group. And the one who make it in the group are those who are obedient. They are the ones who manipulate others. They manipulate the press and the coach" Cicinho added, before discussing a specific case. "For example, one day Ronaldo didn't do well in a game, and the next day you could read in the papers that Raul was better than him. There's no way Raul can ever reach Ronaldo's level in this lifetime."

Strong words that shouldn't upset the current locker room of Real, since none of these "leaders" lead the club anyway.

He maybe has not left a big mark in the memory of merengue fans but he still managed to scored a fantastic goal against Zaragoza in 2006:

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