Soccer players when they were kids

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They are respected, adored and even copied. The stars of soccer today are full models for the fans. So hard to imagine that these players used to be ugly just like any other children...

Here are some photos of current soccer players when they were younger.

  1. John Terry

Looking at his picture who could have predicted that this little blond teen in a bowl cut would become one of the iconic players of England?


  1. Fernando Torres

Nicknamed "El Nino" from the beginning because of his youthful face, the former Liverpool serial striker has not aged a bit.


  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

An innocent cute angel face... this Zlatan looks nothing like the tattooed monster he is today.


  1. Neymar

With that forehead, no wonder Neymar can score so many head goals ... Anyway, this explains all his crazy haircuts.


  1. Luis Suarez

You know what we noticed in this photo of the Uruguayan ... perfect teeth that actually became his trademark !


  1. Frank Lampard

Like his compatriot and former teammate at Chelsea, John Terry, Frank proudly wearing a suit with his cute winner's face.


7. David Beckham

Yes, the English are honored in this top 10. When comparing the Beckham of the "H & M" campaign and this kid in the shaggy hair, it's safe to say one thing: do not lose hope guys! Anything can happen.


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

In the "puberty has done its job well” category, we would like Cr7 ... did you know that the striker of Real was part of the Backstreet Boys before bullying Liga defenders?


  1. Olivier Giroud

The picture is certainly much more recent, but it is so representative! The favorite player of women nowadays has apparently also passed through the hippie stage. Good for our ego.


  1. Steven Gerrard

And then there's Stevie. Same club, same haircut, same class ...Oh well, Stevie has always been Stevie.


So who was the most handsome? The most ugly?

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