The crazy 11 that Guardiola could have at Manchester City

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Manchester City will be recruiting throughout this summer to offer Guardiola a team capable of winning the Champions League. Discover the incredible team that the Spanish coach could have  next year.

Carlo Ancelotti is clear, Guardiola will completely change City: "When he left Barça, people said,"he will not be able to reproduce the same playing style because he doesn't have Messi." But in the end, Bayern played in the same way as Barca. With different players, but a similar style. And it will be the same with Manchester City. This is why Guardiola is a fantastic manager, he is able to give a strong identity to a team. Manchester recruited him for that reason so that he could establish a new identity, a new style, a new culture. "

To bring to life this change, Pep Guardiola intends to recruit players for all the different positions of the team. Here's how his 11 might look like:



Guardiola's first project is directed towards City's midfielders. They play a key role in the game of possession of the team that's why the full back midfielders will be transformed into real forwards with Guardiola. Not sure Sagna, Clichy, Kolarov and Zabaleta will satisfy Pep. He has his eyes on two of the biggest players in these positions: David Alaba (that he had coached in Munich) and Dani Carvajal. These two players are not necessarily easy to recruit but it should not be impossible. The arrival of another defender is also planned: Aymeric Laporte. The French, currently playing in Spain, attracts Guardiola. Behind them, Ter Stegen - whose profile is similar to the one of Neuer - could leave Bravo where he is a subsitute and assume a role of full-time holder in one of Europe's biggest teams.


Tweet: Formalizing the arrival of Gündogan's to Manchester City is imminent. [Telegraph]

The heart of the game of City was weak since the departure of Yaya Toure but should be strenghened by Ilkay Gundogan whose arrival is almost official. Another midfielder that Guardiola dreams of is none other than our Frenchie N'Golo Kanté. His stratospheric season in Leicester has obviously attracted many coaches. Wilshere is also in the radars but there is little chance to see the young Jack leave London since he just came out of a white season. Finally, for his forward, Guardiola intends to give a boost to Raheem Sterling, purchased last year for a lot of money. His eyes are set on Alexin Sanchez for the other side of the forward. Arsenal's player - who has just recovered the number 7 in the Gunners - apparently desires to see other places. Luckily, he is greatly liked by Pep. Well, he is a former Barcelona player after all.


Tweet: Can you magine what it would be like if Guardiola takes Bernat to Manchester City with him ?

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