Two players eliminated from Euro 2016 spend $251,000 on champagne bottles

Maxime H. - mercredi 06 juillet 2016 0 Like

Eliminated from Euro 2016, two international players were comforting themselves by spending $251,000 in champagne bottles in Monaco.

The Russians did not manage to make proud their fans due to their elimination from Euro 2016 so to avoid the boos of the fans, Aleksandr Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev had the great idea of taking a short trip to Monaco, just to empty their heads.

As you know, there's nothing like turning up in the French Riviera and blowing up your bank account. The two tourists were seen buying no less than 500 bottles of champagne, 500 euros each, which resulted in $251 000. And obviously Life magazine didn't hesitate on publishing videos of the fiesta.

When Mamaev's club, Krasnodar, heard the news they immediately decided to put him in reserve squad.

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