West Ham fix ridiculous price for Dimitri Payet!

Maxime H. - mardi 12 juillet 2016 83 Likes

With his outstanding performance during the Euro, Dimitri Payet's club didn't hesistate on rising the price of their precious prayer. And the price set by West Ham is just crazy!

It looks like this summer, the soccer world will know a new leader for the most expensive transfer in the market. If Cristiano Ronaldo officially holds the record, Gareth Bale was sold to Real by Tottenham for almost $110 million. So who will be able to top that? Given the way things are going in the transfer window, Cheick Diabaté could easily have been sold for a fortune to an English club. However, some well-known players to the French public might play a leading role in this transfer window. This is the case of not only Paul Pogba but also Dimitri Payet.

The native of Reunion had his release clause greatly modified after his convincing season with the Hammers and his brilliant performance at Euro 2016 despite his loss against Portugal. West Ham's chairman said that the club would not sell the midfielder for less than £100 million in other words $118 million!

"The club needs to keep his best players. Payet is the foundation of the team, the best player, the team is built around him. he's not for sale. He's worth at least £100 million ($131 M), even at his age" said David Gold to the Daily Mail. "If someone wants to beat the record for the biggest transfer for him, we can reconsider..." he concluded. At least it's clear...

Here's a compilation of Payet's 2015-2016 year, enjoy : 

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