Who will replace the King of Paris?

OMG Staff - jeudi 19 mai 2016 1.7k Likes

Since the great Zlatan Ibrahimovic recently announced his departure from PSG, the Parisian club must find a new striker to replace him.

The king Zlatan announced crashing news this morning about his departure from Paris Saint-Germain. On Saturday’s game against Nantes, Ibrahimovic the first will surrender and cede his precious crown.

PSG must now work hard to find a suitable successor, capable of carrying the club. If Nasser needs help, here are five proposals that wouldn’t be too bad:

  1. Robert Lewandowski

A goalscorer, a real one. The player from Poland does not play around. Simple and effective, the Bayern Munich striker would be great for PSG. Who could guide better the little Lucas and put out Cavani ?


  1. Neymar

In addition to being an entertainer, Neymar has proved himself with Barca. Faker in his spare time, he has now developed into a formidable goal scorer. And happens to be one the best friends of Lucas!


  1. Antoine Griezmann

Our national Grizi is setting Atlético Madrid on fire with his Coach Diego Simeone. But frankly Antoine, after being in Spain since your 14 years aren’t you tired of tapas? Isn’t it time to return and eat cheese under the Eiffel Tower!


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

The goal scoring machine of Real Madrid would be perfect for Nasser. Very elegant, serial scorer, the Portuguese’s five star image would be great for PSG. We can already imagine the streets of Paris filled Footix wearing CR7’s jersey.


  1. Thor

Because it takes a superhero to replace Zlatan, Thor has the flow and the look to fulfill this role perfectly. A little hammer on the Premier League defenses and some thunders on Europe. Thor is the true Champions League!


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