WOW! The stupefying figures under Manchester United's huge deal for Pogba

Maxime H. - lundi 01 août 2016 46 Likes

After leaving Manchester United four years ago, Paul Pogba is about to rejoin Old Trafford in a never-seen deal. A deal involving « eye-watering figures » as said.

Everyone is waiting for it: United’s press release revealing the deal between Juventus, MU and Pogba is done. Everyone wants it to be done because this transfer is becoming a never-ending story with astonishing figures.

1. Initial transfer fee

The 23-year-old France international is set to become the most expensive soccer player ever. He is going to overtake Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo’s moves to Real Madrid.

2. Raiola's transfer fee

Paul Pogba’s transfer to Manchester United is also a big question of agent fee. Pogba agent Mino Raiola intends to earn $26m in order to make the transfer achieved. 

3. Pre-tax salary over 5 years

Pogba’s salary is going to deeply increase at Old Trafford. While he currently earns around $5,3m a year in Italy, the midfielder is set to earn $528,000 (pre-tax) a week in England. It will cost United a total of $137m over five years!

4. Total cost

Even when taking into account the many packages in Neymar’s move to Barcelona, Paul Pogba’s transfer to Manchester United will be the most expensive deal done ever. Total cost: $285m.

5. Old Trafford's Dab University

Hopefully, Chevrolet helped Manchester United to create their own 'Dab' University so that Pogba feels at ease when he will join MU.

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