Zlatan Ibrahimovic reacts to Cantona’s claim he’s the King of Manchester

Maxime H. - lundi 18 juillet 2016 303 Likes

A short while ago, in a video for Eurosport, Cantona decided to clash someone special : Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who came in Manchester United as a rockstar and self-proclaimed new king. Anxious to remain the only King of Old Trafford, the former French player clashed the Swede and put him in his place.

"There can be only one King in Manchester. You can be the Prince if you want. And the number 7 is yours if you're interested. This is my welcome gift. The king is gone, long live the prince" he said, confident as ever. At least knows what to expect. Parc des Princes' former King will not be benefiting from the same status in Manchester United...

Cantona also told Zlatan that it is “he best choice you ever made… You will know, my friend, that you finally made it home.”

But, whilst Cantona’s message will likely be received well by Manchester United fans, Zlatan may not take too kindly. Since Cantona says: “there can only be one King in Manchester. You can be the Prince if you want to.”

FIFA.com have reported on Zlatan’s response to Cantona’s assertion. In a classic Zlatan Ibrahimovic line, he’s said:

« I admire Cantona. And I heard what he said. But I won’t be King of Manchester. I will be God of Manchester. »

Jose Mourinho had summed up Manchester United's new-signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic in just three words: "goalscorer, winner and funny." Well, God of Manchester is definitely funny.

We’ve warned you: classic Zlatan line.

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