Zlatan might be joining a big European team

OMG Staff - Wednesday 25 May 2016 1.8k Likes

Free from any contract since he left PSG, Zlatan Ibrahimovic might be joining a big European team.

After his four-year reign in Paris Saint-Germain, the King Zlatan is ready for new challenges. According to 'L'Equipe'  and 'Telegraph', the Swedish player is very close to joining Manchester United, where he could find an old acquaintance: José Mourinho. The two moths have indeed already worked together during one season at Inter Milan (2008/2009).

The goal of the 34 years old striker is very simple: to conquer one last European territory before flying to an exotic destination. Although winning the Premier League is far from being an easy task, the idea of retrieving the Special One would give guarantees to King Zlatan.

On paper, this duo has what it takes to make Old Trafford and his fans' dreams come true. Ibra is desperate to overthrow Leicester's crown. The Kingdom better be careful!



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