Attack With A Bottle: Lack Of Respect For Neymar And Lionel Messi

Eva Prokopová - Monday 24 October 2016 147 Likes

Now there comes a time when a man gets mad!

It was an incredibly hostile match on Saturday where two rivals met. It was a match between Barcelona and Valencia. Now Barcelona won 3-2 but they had to work very hard for it. But this match will not be known so much for the goals but for what happened after a goal was scored. When Lionel Messi scored the decisive goal, he went to celebrate with his teammates. But the Valencia fans did not like that one bit. In the most unsportsmanlike and unfanlike gesture, they threw bottles at Suarez and Neymar and managed to hit them (seems like they were full too). Lionel Messi then went after them and started yelling obscenities at the fans. We understand there are a lot of emotions but this was truly awful behavior. 

Of course Messi's kiss towards the fans of the rival team when he scored did not help but still. Physical harm should not be acceptable at any sports event.

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