Can You Imagine Conceding Like This In The 90th Minute On FIFA

Eva Prokopová - mercredi 19 octobre 2016 2 Likes

Ohh FIFA 17 what has not been said about you!

There has been many videos and articles on the EA Sports game. We all play it, we all have it and of course (for the most part) we all love it. But it is true that sometimes the game does create situations that would make you tear all your hair out. Like in the video below where the score is clearly 1-1 and it seem it will stay that way until that moment in the 90th minute when your opponent scores an amazing goal with a skill of a Ronaldinho. It would upset you, trust us it upsets us too. But such are the rules of the game. It is not the first time this is happening in a FIFA 17 game.

But keep your heads up and game on people, game on

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