Cristiano Ronaldo Explodes After Being Nutmegged And Tackled

Eva Prokopová - lundi 31 octobre 2016 269 Likes

Oh Ronaldo and your attitude.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a star and just like any other star he has his moments when he genuinely explodes. And this was such moment. Luckily it took place during a Real Madrid practice, not match. It seems that Ronaldo's teammates like to make fun of the short tempered Portuguese. Maybe precisely for the reason that he is short tempered. Now they chose to blow his fuse with a swift nutmeg and some very nice tackle. This time the offender was James Rodriguez. And Ronaldo's reaction was priceless. He not only fell and cried for the referee but he pretended he was in big pain. Needless to say the toro was stopped once again.

Though he did recover much quicker from this particular injury than others

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