Devastated Reaction Of Cristiano Ronaldo After Missed Penalty

Eva Prokopová - lundi 31 octobre 2016 5 Likes

Poor Ronaldo!

Real Madrid is most certainly on top of their game. And it seems that so is Cristiano Ronaldo. He was the star of a game played against Deportivo Alavés. He not only scored a triplet but he also was in on a penalty (and we all know that would mean hat-trick). So take a look what happened next:

Ronaldo's face says it all. He not only missed the penalty but he was stopped dead in his tracks. It is truly unfortunate and Ronaldo's face shows it. He almost cries in agony how terribly he missed. As a true perfectionist he strives to always deliver and since his form was not super top up until this point he wanted to show everyone who the boss is. We think 3 goals is more than enough but that's just us. It goes without saying that Real Madrid won 4-1 that night.

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