Lionel Messi : Top 10 free kicks ever

Maxime H. - jeudi 23 juin 2016 91 Likes

Leo Messi is one of the only players in soccer history who makes free kicks look like penalties. His free kick against USMNT has clearly shown Messi belongs to the best free kick takers of all time, with Juninho, Pirlo or Platini.

Just enjoy this compilation of Messi's most beautiful free kicks ever. Simply Dazzling.

10. Argentina vs. Uruguay

9. FC Barcelona vs. Deportivo

8. FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

7. FC Barcelona vs. Sevilla CF

6. Argentina vs. USA

5. FC Barcelona vs. Espanyol Barcelona

4. Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona

3. Atlético vs. FC Barcelona

2. FC Barcelona vs. Real Betis

1. FC Barcelona vs. Almeria

Thank you, Sir.

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