Manchester United Legend Paul Scholes Shows Off His Moves

Eva Prokopová - jeudi 27 octobre 2016 1 Like

The return of the amazing Paul!

This super legend not only still has his golden touch he is also showing it off like a pro. And what skills they are, knocking off the numbers like it's nobody's business. And he succeeds each time. Now we need Paul Scholes back in Manchester United to spice things up again. Mourinho are you watching?

And if you want to know what another superstar thinks about this living legend, just take a look at this quote from Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo: 

"When we were in training, I used to do a lot of tricks which hardly any players at the club could do. Once I was showing my skills to Scholes. After I finished, Scholes took the ball and pointed to a tree which was about 50m from where we were standing. He said, I’m going to hit it in one shot. He kicked and hit the tree. He asked me to do the same; I kicked about 10 times, but still couldn’t hit it, with that accuracy. He smiled and left."

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