WATCH: 2 Minutes of Soccer That Have Everything

Eva Prokopová - vendredi 14 octobre 2016 81 Likes

What drama, what thrill... the best 2 minutes of soccer that you will see in your life!

Best two minutes in any soccer fans life. This game had everything. A fall, lost penalty and exceptional goal at the end. You might think it doesn't get better than that. But imagine all of that happening in the last 2 minutes of the game. It was a match between Leceister City and Watford. And Watford just teared them apart.

At first the referee decided on a penalty after a foul. Everyone was devastated and thought it didn't deserve a penalty. But then Leceister City did not score during the penalty. Watford seized the ball and ran across the field and you know what happened... they scored!!!. In the end the match ended 3-1 for Watford. 

Now if that was not emotional enough, the reasons for all those screams was that Watford after an epic battle got to move to the Premier League. This was not the case in the first leg of the play-offs when Leicester City won. So you can imagine what a surprise this must have been for everyone.

And we got to see the best 2 minutes in our soccer life, it had absolutely everything. Watch below to see for yourself

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