WATCH: 8 best elasticos of all time

Maxime H. - lundi 08 août 2016 209 Likes

Soccer is definitely a fun sport that unites people and gives them an opporutnity to bond.

If victory is the ultimate goal for any soccer player, whether you're a professional player or not, technical gestures can also amaze us and give us unimaginable happiness. The elastico, also known as the flip-flap or the snake, for example is one of those humiliating gestures that we enjoy watching during soccer games.

From Cristiano Ronaldo to Willian, without forgetting Wilfried Bony, the elastico knows no borders and has humiliated players over all continents. Here are the most beautiful elasticos in soccer's history :

But well, render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, here is a Rivelona compilation, the alleged inventor of elastico:

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