WATCH: Isco's Hilarious Reaction To Cristiano Ronaldo Getting Subbed

Eva Prokopová - mardi 27 septembre 2016 178 Likes

We are all aware of the substitution heard around the world. Cristiano Ronaldo was taken off the game in the last 20 minutes against Las Palmas.

But what we did not see or heard were the other priceless reactions.

Everyone has seen the long walk Ronaldo made to sit on a bench, we have all tried to dutifully translate each choice word he uttered but the most telling and also funniest moment came with Ronaldo's teammates. The Spanish midfielder Isco has learned about the faithful turn of events just as it was happening and his face says it all. 

Unfortunately for all parties concerned the substitution did not improve the score, on the contratry, Real Madrid ended with a tie 2-2 (and some great internet memes too). 

It also made for a very funny commentary from the internet and fellow commentators.

Watch below Isco's reaction and try to guess his mood.

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