WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo Wanted To Call Offside On His Own Teammate

Eva Prokopová - lundi 24 octobre 2016 174 Likes

Could this be Ronaldo's worst game yet?

It is hard to be a star of an already star studded team without scoring a goal. That's how Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo must feel. It has been a dry season for him so far and it has not gotten better during a game against Athletic Bilbao. Luckily Real Madrid still won 2-1 but it was truly a battle. The salvation at the last minute came from Alvaro Morata. Now you would think that his teammates would celebrate considering he just scored the decisive goal but you would be wrong. Ronaldo actually raised his hand in question, whether this goal was an offside. Now that might be a noble gesture if it was not done by anyone from the same team. And who knows what reasons led Ronaldo to do that. Fortunately the goal still counted.

Let's hope Ronaldo gets back to shape soon

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