Watch FIFA 17 Gameplay: Physical Play Overhaul

Maxime H. - mardi 19 juillet 2016 178 Likes

EA Sports just shared a new video of FIFA 17. And it is amazing.

EA Sports just shared a new video on its official Facebook account. This video is for sure about FIFA 17. Starring Chelsea superstar Eden Hazard, this video shows the transformation in the way players physically interact. It is pretty terrific!

« A transformation in the way players physically interact in all areas of the pitch, » EA Sports said. « Control is now in your hands as you battle for space and possession.

« Pushback Tech innovates in trapping, dribbling, physics, and defending to create true-to-life battles for position and the ball. This is especially important when you want to control the ball and buy time for a teammate to make a run or get into a supporting position.

« Player interactions come to life in realistic detail across the entire pitch, like goalkeeper collisions, across-body tackles, 50/50 battles, jostling while ball is in the air and ball control while shielding.

« New proximity-based shielding will help you fend off opponents and keep possession. Defenders can be shielded out as you dribble in any direction.

« A new shot mechanic lets players keep the ball low in any situation - finesse, volley, or when simply slotting it home.

« Greater control in direction allows players to head the ball down and into the ground, making keepers work harder. »

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