WATCH: Here Is What Happens When The Referee Does Not See a Foul

Eva Prokopová - mardi 04 octobre 2016 45 Likes

You know when you had a hard day you gotta vent somehow? Well Turan vented by throwing a shoe tantrum.

During a game against FC Barcelona, Turkish soccer player Arda Turan, playing for Atletico Madrid at this time, just had enough. He has just been a victim of a foul and the linesman did not do anything. So he decided to throw a shoe tantrum... with an actual shoe. He just threw it in the general direction of the linesman. Of course this unfortunate gesture earned him a yellow card. Maybe Turan will learn something or start anger management classes but either way this behavior did not help anyone.

Let's hope that future Turan games will be without flying shoes present

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