WATCH: Jose Mourinho's Pathetic Gesture To Manchester United Fans

Eva Prokopová - jeudi 27 octobre 2016 2 Likes

Truly a egotistical gesture from the Portuguese coach.

Manchester United have been struggling lately and it has been hard on the players but most of all on the fans themselves. They had to watch their team be decimated from Chelsea 4-0 and that would put a damper to any soccer fan's heart. And the main shaker and mover of Manchester United has noticed too. Jose Mourinho not only appreciated the fans and their support during these hard times but he made a point after a match against Manchester City in the EFL Cup to show them too. He gestured 4-0 and bowed to let them know he is well aware of the awfulness of that score. But of course that doesn't change anything for the fans. Manchester United has to step it up. And Mourinho needs to bow down and get to work.

In a consolidation Manchester United beat Manchester City 1-0. So maybe the tables of faith have finally turned

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