WATCH: Liverpool Star Copycats Goal Celebrations

Eva Prokopová - mardi 25 octobre 2016 2 Likes

This is better than dab!

We all love when soccer players celebrate. We emulate them and try to recreate the magic ourselves. But what if players copycatted themselves? Just take a look at the Liverpool forward Sadio Mane. He had a great night during a game against West Brom. But the best part came when he assisted a goal and his colleague started performing a new kind of celebration (guess dab is over now).

He not only joined in like a champ but he pretty much copycatted everything his teammate Philippe Coutinho did and he did not stop there. He also copied the celebration of Firmino. Just take a look above. Of course all this celebrating led to a victory of Liverpool 2-1. We guess Mane has replaced dab with the new celebration - copycatting.

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