WATCH: Manchester United Lingard Trolls His Teammates Pogba and Rashford

Eva Prokopová - mardi 27 septembre 2016 38 Likes

Having fun on the job is the key to a healthy work environment. And this video shows us how much soccer players love to have fun. Especially when they are making fun of their main star.

During what seems to be a casual lunch break after 4-1 win over Leicester City, Manchester United winger Lingard decided to have a little bit of fun. As any avid Snapchatter he knows that your videos are best when you can make fun of someone, so why not Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford. So during the perfect moment (while Pogba was eating) he chants "My name is Paul and I'm worth £100 m". Referencing the record transfer sum the club paid for him (never mind that the actual sum is £89 m). 

Pogba seems as cool as a cucumber until Lingard says: "My name is Paul and I like to dab". That seems to rouse some reaction. For Rashford he chose to point out his exceptional goal-scoring (clearly forgetting he was making a troll video).

Watch below Pogba's and Rashford's priceless reactions

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