WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo Furious During Training Lashes Out At Teammates

Eva Prokopová - mardi 27 septembre 2016 561 Likes

Cristiano Ronaldo is an exceptional soccer player. He is also very temperamental. You can see during a fiery training session just how much.

In recent events things have been conspiring against Ronaldo (we will just call it the Substitution Gate) and he is still trying to recover from his EURO 2016 injury. So it was no surprise to see him frustrated and a bit cautious during his training for an upcoming game against Dortmund. 

His teammates were trying to get him to cheer up but not today. Ronaldo remained petulant during the training, angrily kicking the ball when it hit his fingers and tackling his teammates Benzema and Bale.

But cheer up Ronaldo, everyone has had a bad day before.

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