WATCH: The Day Ronaldinho Humiliated Neymar's Team

Eva Prokopová - vendredi 28 octobre 2016 674 Likes

He came, he scored and he conquered!

It is just like Ronaldinho to make a free kick like that. It happened on July 28th 2011 and it was epic. Ronaldinho faced off against Neymar's old team Santos. And we have to say he did not spare his young protege. He scored one of the most epic free kicks you can possible see. And his team Flamengo won 5-4 that day. Even the score tells you that the battle was truly epic. Of course once Ronaldinho was given that free kick only a few doubted he would not score. But we have to say that the way he shot it was truly exceptional.

Now we know where Neymar gets his cheekiness from

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