WATCH: The Day Zlatan Ibrahimovic Got Humiliated

Eva Prokopová - mardi 25 octobre 2016 98 Likes

Took it like a champ!

It is not everyday that a superstar like that gets nutmegged but that's exactly what happened to the Manchester United superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In this case it happened during his days in Paris Saint-Germain. It was a match like any other against Lille but something extraordinary happened. Lille's own Aurelien Chedjou just put one between Zlatan's legs. Now Zlatan took it like a champ. He even had a knowing little smile (every player can appreciate another players game). Though we are sure that in his head he was plotting a cruel revenge.

One revenge could have been the fact that Paris Saint-Germain went on to win 1-0.

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