WATCH: The incredible goal that launched Zlatan Ibrahimovic's career

Maxime H. - vendredi 05 août 2016 122 Likes

It was during his time with Ajax Amsterdam that the Swedish shone for the first time.

The young striker, aged of 22 years back then, was just starting to be known in the Netherlands until the day that name crossed the Dutch borders to invade Europe.

It was on August 22nd, 2004, during a Dutch championship game where Ajax was playing against NAC Brea and won 4-0. But the most incredible thing about that game was undoubtedly when Zlatan Ibrahimovic, located more than 30 meters from the goalkeeper, took the ball with amazing technical skilss, eliminated five defenders on his way and finally managed to fool the goalkeeper and scored a gaol. That goal is considered as the best goal in the history of Ajax and launched the career of Ibra. Actually, some months after that goal, Zlatan signed with Juventus and from there he just kept going up and improving.

Let us treat you with this absolutely amazing goal:

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