WATCH: Top 10 Red Card Goal Celebrations

Eva Prokopová - mardi 20 décembre 2016 940 Likes

That's what we call awesome celebrations with a bitter end!

In today's day and age of social media everyone wants to be known for the coolest most innovative goal celebrations. So soccer stars big and small go above and beyond (almost break their necks) to bring you the most thrilling and entertaining goal celebrations (think Pogba and his dabbing). But sometimes these celebrations go too far (like some private parts get exposed) and as much as we love to see our favorite players strip or dance silly, the referees have a different idea. So we bring to you this compilation of 10 unfortunate soccer souls who scored (the best feeling in the world) and then got booked (the worst feeling in the world) for their rowdy behavior. 

Let us know which of these red cards where not deserved at all and where would you draw the line with celebrations

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