WATCH : Top 10 Tiki-Taka Goals in Football History

Hadrien R. - Tuesday 27 December 2016 345 Likes

You'd better take a seat and keep your eyes sharp on this. 

When soccer players play this way, the whole world can't react but with utter admiration. The tiki-taka, an endless ball motion around a series of fast passes, may sometimes turn into something awesome when it ends up by a wondergoal. Lately, well inspired by the FC Barcelona way of playing, some of european teams has scored epic goals using this bold combination. Between nice ball touches, speed moves and stunning finishes, some of the skills you'll see in the video below will leave you amazed. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lionel Messi or Diego Maradona notably appears in it and that is not really a huge surprise.

Welcome to wonderland! Just enjoy the free ride. 

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