WATCH: We Found The Best Goal Celebrations

Eva Prokopová - Monday 17 October 2016 22 Likes

Now this is one hell of a celebration after a score.

It is not everyday you see a team trying to invent the funniest and the most inventive ways to celebrate after scoring (granted you have to score first to celebrate but still). The team in question is Stjarnan FC and they hail from Iceland. The coach from Stjarnan probably put them through some intense choreography training just for the celebrations (apart from an actual soccer training). They perform various human creations (one of them is human toilet, so you know where this is going). And each one is better than the other. We would love to see the Rambo performed by Cristiano Ronaldo during a Real Madrid match but we can only dream.

In the meantime, enjoy these boys partying like it's 1999

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