WATCH: When A Superstar Ignores His Gorgeous Wife To Play FIFA 17

Eva Prokopová - mercredi 26 octobre 2016 192 Likes

Unbelievable behavior!

This video you will truly not believe unless you have ever played FIFA 17. If you did then you would know how Ciro Immobile feels. When you play you don't care if you have a smokin' wife who calls you and wants to hang out - you just got to make sure you score that FIFA 17 goal. And this is exactly what happened in the video below. Just watch a beautiful woman being ignored: 

You know you are into deep when you ignore your model like girlfriend. We hope that Immobile does not ignore his coach at Lazio like this. And we are amazed how calm his wife Jessica Immobile truly is. The life of a soccer wife. 

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