WATCH: When Ronaldinho invented a new way to score goals

Maxime H. - jeudi 18 août 2016 966 Likes

Whether the club you support, you cannot dislike Ronaldinho. Even when he tries to cheat…

Throwback to one of Ronaldinho’s most fantastic inspirations. At this precise time, in 2015, Magician Ronaldinho decided to invent a new skill: he took the ball away from the goalkeeper as he tried to clear it.

Take a look at it:

Ronaldinho Gaucho scored after he cheekily took the ball away as Santos goalkeeper tried to kick it downfield. Ronaldinho went ahead and put the ball in the net but the goalkeeper protested with the referee. The ref logically disallowed the goal and even gave him a yellow card for the incident.

According to the FIFA rules, the ball is still considered to be in the goalkeeper’s possession until he releases or kicks it.

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