Young boy strikes Messi free kick, finishes with the Cristiano Celebration

Maxime H. - mercredi 20 juillet 2016 217 Likes

When your dad is a Messi fan but you prefer Ronaldo instead.

If he used Ronaldo's free kick technique, he would not score. If he used the Messi celebration he would end up in tears.

Well, instead of joking, we know this video was filmed in South Africa because of the South African slang word «Yoh!» pronounced at the beginning. In South Africa, «Yoh!» is an expression of surprise. It means "Yoh, that was rude" or "Yoh, you gave me a fright!"

He seems like a talented kid, let's hope he doesn't quit after he misses a penalty like Messi does. Ok guys, we definitely stop joking.

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