Cristiano Ronaldo reveals important reason he doesn't get tattoos

Jonathan Tzvi Machlin - lundi 18 juillet 2016 1.3k Likes

From Lionel Messi to Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Tim Howard, many of the world's best soccer players have an incredible array of tattoos all over their bodies.

But one player who has famously boycotted tattoos for years has been the incomparable Cristiano Ronaldo - who has remained firm for years in his pledge not to get a tattoo.

When asked the reason behind his refusal to get inked, Ronaldo explained that his reason for never getting tattoos is his desire to donate blood frequently. 

"I don't have tattoos because I donate blood very often," Ronaldo said in a recent interview.

Many countries do not allow people with tattoos to donate blood due to potential cross-contamination and even hepatitis.

Ronaldo may come across as arrogant, but he is still a very charitable soul. He donated the entirety of his Champions League win bonus to charity, as well as the bonus he received from leading Portugal to the Euro 2016 title.

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