Did a Hollywood A-Lister sign with Atletico Madrid?

Jonathan Tzvi Machlin - jeudi 14 juillet 2016 83 Likes

Who knew that four-time Academy Award nominee Matt Damon was such a big Atletico Madrid fan?

Apparently the Hollywood icon has just signed some sort of contract with the Champions League runner-ups, and was pictured holding up an Atletico Madrid shirt alongside club President Enrique Cerezo and star defender Filipe Luis.

All kidding aside, Damon is currently going around the world to promote his new movie "Jason Bourne" - the latest installment in the Bourne series - and took his promotion tour to Madrid.

According to the Daily Mail, Atletico Madrid have a deal with the movie distributor Columbia, and have famously promoted some of the company's films on their kits.

In an interview, Damon went so far as to compare Atletico Madrid to his favorite Major League Baseball team: the Boston Red Sox.

'Yes, I know Atletico are fantastic. They remind me of my favourite team, the Boston Red Sox,' Damon said.

More than willing to go along with the goof, Cerezo called Damon "our summer signing."

"He's our summer signing," Cerezo joked.  "He joined last week, fresh from America.' 

Damon has received three Academy Award nominations for Best Actor or Supporting for the movies "Good Will Hunting", "Invictus" and most recently "The Martian." In 1997 he won a share of the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for "Good Will Hunting" alongside Ben Affleck.

Atletico Madrid finished third in the La Liga title chase and narrowly lost to Real Madrid on penalty kicks in the Champions League Final.

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